Are you struggling with stubborn belly fat? Is diet and exercise not getting the job done? Or maybe you have a very busy schedule that doesn’t allow for gym time. You still deserve to look your best. With Venus Bliss at MOC health + beauty, you can. Venus Bliss is one of the best Non-invasive options for you. Learn more now.


Venus Bliss™ at MOC health + beauty is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It is a 360° treatment using Diode Laser Lipo and Radio Frequency to reduce fat, tighten skin, smooth cellulite, and reduce circumference to give you natural results.


Venus Bliss™ features four diode laser applicators, which deliver laser energy that effectively penetrates the hypodermis to target adipose tissue without harming the skin’s surface. The disrupted fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural lymphatic system, resulting in fat reduction.

Applicators are placed on the desired treatment area Light-based energy penetrates and collapses fat cells. In the following weeks after treatment, the body naturally processes and removes the affected fat cells, resulting in a slimmer appearance.

A comprehensive solution for fat cell destruction and fat reduction.
Uses 1064nm Diode Laser to activate natural lipolysis and liquefy the fat before it is removed.
Uses (MP)2 technology to Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which results in firmer, tighter, and smoother skin.
We address 360° of your entire abdomens
We will target your upper, lower abdomen and sides.
Non-invasive, No downtime, No pain,
FDA approval
PROVEN RESULTS: 24% of the treated fat cells can be destroyed without surgery


Venus Bliss™ 2 -in-1 Fat Reduction Treatment Customized to suit your needs and goals. On your treatment visit.

–  Greeted with a warm welcome, checked-in, provided water to drink and walked to your treatment room.

–  Measure, weigh and take before photos.

–  We start with applying belts with various configurations on the treatment area and then attaching 1- 4 diode laser applicators onto the belt configuration. We will target lower front ab, upper front ab, love handles with lower back. Each area takes 25 minutes.

–  The treatment begins with a cooling phase, and you will feel a slight chill from the applicators. Then you will feel it gradually get warmer or less cold if you are well-hydrated. As the temperature builds, the applicators will switch to cooling again to maintain the therapeutic temperature in the fat layer. This keeps the treatment comfortable for you.

–  Then start the skin tightening treatment for 30 -45 minutes and the treatment is completed.

–  We provide you 2.5 gallon of alkaline water to help with your hydration. The treatment is completed with a simple metabolism diet instructed to boost your metabolism. You can expect to see results within 10-14 days after treatment.

–  Once a month treatment. We recommend a series of 3 -6 treatment for ideal results!

Clinical studies have shown up to 41% reduction in adipose layer thickness. 1 to 5 inches of body fat.
Some patients see results with just one treatment, but everyone is unique. You may require more than one treatment. If you require multiple sessions, they will be spaced at least 4 weeks apart. Optimal results will be seen 3-6 months after your treatment plan is completed.

After your treatment, the skin may be flushed and feel slightly firm. One out of 100 patients experience a bit of firmness, or tiny bruising. This is normal. The tenderness may take up to two weeks to resolve but it should be mild enough to not interfere with your daily activities. We recommend moisturizing and massaging the treatment area for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day after your treatment. Other than that, there’s nothing that you need to do after treatment.

Real People, Real Results!

Yes, laser lipo works. In fact, clients can lose up to twenty-five pounds of total body weight through the treatments. Not only does it work, but the results of laser liposuction are harder to reverse because the process destroys the fat cells in the body, rendering them unable to store fat any longer. Laser lipo is completely non-invasive and safer than traditional surgical liposuction which means that while results may not be as dramatic there will certainly be apparent. Laser lipo produces best results for patients that need help with stubborn areas that persist after proper diet and exercising or if the client cannot undergo surgery.

Yes, laser lipo is safe and clinically approved. In fact, 99% of MOC health + beauty clients feel very comfortable and return directly to their daily lives after leaving the office.

Drink at least 32 oz of water before the treatment. Staying hydrated is the main key to help the treatment effective and comfortable.
Make sure your skin is clean. Do not apply any lotions or creams on the area you’re having treated immediately before your session. Before starting, your treatment provider will likely take a “before” photo, check your weight, measure, and examine the area for any irregularities.

Each patient is different, and even a single fat reduction treatment can be effective. For best results, we recommend a minimum of three sessions with each session completed 4 weeks apart and 8 radio frequency skin tightening once a week. Optimal results will be seen three to six months post treatment. Each treatment yields up to a 20% reduction of fat in the area treated.

Fat reduction treatments work for anyone with fat. However, it works better for patients with a BMI of 35 or less who live healthy active lifestyle.

Laser lipo can be expensive in many medical spas and plastic surgery centers. However, we believe that state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments such as laser lipo should be affordable for everyone. You can see the cost on our website. $1,400 for each Laser Lipo and a Radio Frequency Skin tightening. We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments for optimal results.
Pair with skin tightening for every week for amazing results! $250 Add on per treatment.
At the consultation visit, the number of treatments will be determined during your free consultation and will depend on your desired results and goals. Additionally, special price for packages and easy financing options are available to you.

The best way to know exactly what you will be paying is by contacting us by calling 703 299 0707 and schedule a consultation visit with us. These consultations take as little as 30 minutes and are private one on one consultations.