Meet Our Team

Fiona Tripp

Fiona has a passion for creating businesses and growing it to success. She has owned several small businesses in different industries such as health and beauty, food and beverage, construction, housing redevelopment, etc. With her construction and housing re-development business in the Metro DC area, she has a lot of experience and derives satisfaction in making the before to be the incredible after. And it was there that she realized the power of the after effect on peoples’ happiness. She is also a member of different organizations

Irion Hoffmann

Ms. Irion’s background is in public health. “I have learned over the years that health and beauty go hand in hand. MOC promotes both! I have been a firm believer in Ayurveda/holistic care since I was a child,” Ms. Irion said. Growing up in South Korea, she learned early on how to use different herbs and foods to prevent illness and improve health issues one may have. MOC is based on these valuable ideals. She grew up between three different countries in 3 different continents. She has a deep love for art, especially when it comes

Nancy Urrutia

Ms. Nancy’s background is in immigration legal law. The beauty field gives her a chance to help and serve others. “When people feel pampered, are given a fresh new look, or accept advice on how to look and feel their best, that just makes my day.” In the beauty field you can feel confident that you are helping others be the best that they can be and helping to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Ms. Nancy said “I want to pursue and do something I enjoy! Nothing feels as good as knowing you are helping others in your career.”

Gerica Coronejo

Ms. Gerica`s background is in IT. She is very family oriented, an animal lover, a theatre/musical buff, and loves fashion. She has the passion in microblading as nothing is better than seeing the happiness on peoples face after seeing the new brows look change their face. “As an organic product enthusiast, MOC Health + Beauty is the perfect fit for me, as maximum quality is always the standard. Having worked for a software company, I took acquired skills and applied them to my interest in beauty as a microblading artist.