Your hair is bothering you? Try our Sugaring – an ancient method.

Sugaring is extremely popular with celebrities and others. The sugaring paste we use contains the finest natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon & water to deliver superior performance and removing hairs as short as 1/16 inch. With its low temperature it provides a comfortable treatment.


Body sugaring is a method of hair removal that originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art, even purportedly used by Cleopatra herself. The woman of the time was inspired by Alexander the Great, who always had to charge into battle hairless and clean shaven. Due to this the woman of Alexandria began to consider a hairless body to be the standard of beauty. Hairless women were always seen as more youthful and cleaner. cleaner. Women at this time did not have the same access to modern amenities that we have, therefore removing the hair from their bodies helped keep them clean. Around 1900, the women of Alexandria began using a form of sugaring paste called ‘moum’ made of sugar, water, and lemon for removing hair. The paste was applied in the direction of hair growth, covered with a piece of muslin cloth, and pulled off when cooled. This was the most effective and natural way of removing body hair. This ancient Egyptian art of hair removal has only recently been revived in the modern age, as smooth, hairless skin is the desire of most women today.

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important. Knowing what we know now, we can conclude that body sugaring is one of the best methods (if not the best!) for hair removal. It is the safest, least painful, and most effective.


• Large amounts of hair can be taken off simultaneously as well as on other parts of your body. You can sugar multiple parts of the body at once because it does not dry out. Waxing must be done on certain parts of the body at a time.
• Sugaring is easier to clean up and can be done so with water.
• It can be applied over areas of the skin that were already sugared, in case of any missed hairs. Sugaring is sensitive enough to the skin to allow for it to be gone over again.
• Sugaring can lead to permanent results due to the hair follicle becoming damaged and not growing anymore hair.
• Sugaring makes hair removing easier to endure especially when it comes to more sensitive parts of the body. Sugaring only targets hair, not skin.
Those who are receiving hair removal treatment for the first time should consider sugaring. It is a less irritating procedure than that of waxing and gentler on the skin.


We use sugaring paste for the more delicate areas like the bikini area, face and under arms. Our paste literally shrinks wraps around the hair and does not stick to the skin. When the paste is removed it pulls from the very root of the hair follicle, removing the dermal papilla. This will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness. Try it on your skin and try our services. You’ll love it!

We commit to give our client the superior service – making you feel better and look amazing.
You will also receive 10% off your first sugaring appointment with us.



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Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon & water & sometimes honey, salt, & essentials oils. Sugaring is safe & hypoallergenic for all skin types. It removes the hair follicle from the root with results that can last up to six weeks.



1. Make from natural ingredients: sugar, water & lemon

1. Made from resins. They are a hybrid between natural ingredients & chemicals.

2. Sugaring paste can be applied & removed with hand technique.

2. Most waxes need muslin strips or wooden spatulas to be removed.

3. Hair needs to be at least 1/16 inch long

3. Hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long

4. Applied at room temperature

4. Must be heated before application

5.Sugaring paste are great for sensitive skin because it only removes dead skin cells

5. Not all waxes work well on sensitive skin.

6. Applied against the direction of hair growth & removed the other way round

6. Most waxes are applied in the direction of hair growth & pull out against it.

7. Since sugaring paste is water soluble, any residue can be washed off with water.

7. You`ll need special oils or lotions to remove the wax residue from the skin

  • A Brazilian will get rid of all the hair. There are 3 types of Brazilian: Brazilian, Triangle Brazilian & Lading Strip Brazilian.
  • Bikini just does the bikini line. There are 2 types of Bikini: Bikini & French Bikini.

Both give you a sexy that is simply irresistible.




Hair removed in the crease of the leg on both sides of the bikini area, & along the top.




French Bikini

Hair removed slightly higher on both sides.
Neither the labia nor bum areas have hair removed with a French Bikini.





Sometimes referred to as the Hollywood, a Brazilian is when all the hair is removed – including labia & bum area.




Triangle Brazilian

This is also a Brazilian but leaving a little triangle on top. Any shape can be left, just ask your Body Sugar Practitioner.




Landing Strip Brazilian

This is also a Brazilian but with a Landing Strip. As much or as little can be left but if any more hair is removed than the French, it is technically a Brazilian.



About 1/16 of an inch is needed. But it’s best to allow for ¼ of an inch length, or about 3-5 weeks’ worth of growth. We know it’s difficult, but please refrain from shaving or trimming between visits – it’s important to let the hairs grow in an even cycle. If your hair is too long, our sugaring specialist will trim your hair to the correct length before applying the sugar paste on your body.

Wax adheres to live skin cells & can pull them off, causing pain.

Sugaring is less painful than wax is because it removes hair in the direction of growth, only sticks to hair & removes hair with dead skin cells.

Our sugaring specialists use proven & effective techniques to make sure your sugaring experience is painless. Of course, you may experience a little discomfort depending on your hair thickness, sensitivity & the area of your body you are having sugared. The good news is that once you start sugaring on a regular basis, you hairs will thin out, making them much easier to remove. After just a few sessions, you’ll be surprised at how much gentler & faster the process becomes.

We recommend taking a hot shower before your visit to soften up the skin & loosen the pores so that the sugaring will be less painful. Our sugaring specialists will take care of everything & walk you step by step through the complete process. We kindly ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled visit.

Yes! Any pigment or type of hair can be sugared. With Sugaring, only the dead skin & hair is removed – NONE of your live skin can be removed. The sugar paste is applied at room temperature, so it can NEVER burn you! Made from white sugar, water, & lemon juice (citric acid), our sugar paste is perfect for every skin type. It’s 100% eco-friendly & biodegradable, & any excess sugar paste comes off gently with warm water.

After your first sugaring, it should last 2-3 weeks. As you continue to get sugared it typically takes 3-6 weeks & grows back softer & thinner. Timeframes can vary for everyone.
Regular extraction at a 1/4″ (the Analgen Phase of hair growth) leads to permanent hair loss. When hair is extracted at that length it pulls some of the follicle wall out with it each time eventually causing it to collapse. This is why we suggest that your legs & bikini area are done every 4 weeks.
As this time women’s skin tends to be extra sensitive, we recommend not to schedule a sugaring/waxing within the week leading up to your period.

·       While you are using retinol or vitamin E on your skin,

·       While you are taking steroids or using Accutane

·       While you are having bruises, swelling, rashes, open sores, a sunburn, a beard, or cold sores

·       During your period

For areas below the waist, we suggest you get sugaring done every 4-5 weeks. Areas above the waist grow at different rates. You may want to get your eyebrows or underarms done more often than once a month. Your arms hair may not need to be done as often. Once you start a sugaring routine & stick with it your hair will grow back finer & slower. You’ll love how silky smooth your skin will look & feel!
Definitely! We understand & appreciate the importance a man places on being “suave & debonair”.
Everyone – Brazilian sugaring is even safe for pregnant women. Just make sure you fill out The Consent Form so we can double-check your medical history & sensitivities.
You should wait two or three days & make sure you put tanning lotion around…the area…so it doesn’t get as irritated from the UV rays.
Right after sugaring/waxing, our sugaring specialist will apply Aquaporin or Vaseline which contains salicylic acid to the area. Use it right after sugaring & once or twice a day thereafter. That will help to prevent bumps & ingrown hairs. Also, try to not to wear tight clothing for at least 24 hours after sugaring. Tight clothing which rubs against your skin is almost certain to cause ingrown & unsightly red bumps.
After the sugaring, it really leaves you smooth. You will feel amazing! It lasts a long time & eventually the hair grows softer & thinner :)
It`s generally considered to be safe to get Brazilian sugaring while pregnant. While your skin may be more sensitive, & you should always tell your technician that you are pregnant, even if you think it`s obvious, there is no medical reason to avoid a Brazilian. Our sugaring specialists have been specially trained to give mothers-to-be a great & safe experience with sugaring.




·       Take a hot shower before your visit to soften up the skin & loosen the pores so that the sugaring will be less painful.

·       Kindly arrive at least 5 min prior to your appointment to allow us time to check you in properly.

·       Put on Aquaporin/Vaseline on the sugaring area after shower daily

·       Put deodorant on before your underarm, or/and lotion on the areas you are getting Sugaring that day.

·       Exfoliate the day before or the day of your appointment.



DO NOT within 24 hours


Have tanning, work out, Put on lotion

Exfoliate your sugaring area

Using a numbing cream for sugaring can ease the pain of your hair-ridding experience greatly. It can make something that can be cringe-worthy more like a walk in the park. These products temporarily desensitize skin so that hair being yanked out from the root isn’t nearly as painful, even in the most sensitive areas. Yes, that means Brazilian & bikini sugaring, as well as on other parts of the body.

Lidocaine is the most used ingredient for its ability to stop the pain when hair is removed. It works by blocking the nerve endings, & that stops the pain cold.

Please contact us to get free consultation on which numbing cream works for your skin type. You can use before your service to help relieve the major sting without needing a prescription. The best part is that none of these should interfere with uplifting the hair. Of course, you do need to exercise caution. Follow the manufacturer’s directions & use the product only on the outside of your body.

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